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We help organize transportation of the deceased from Montenegro to Belarus and vice versa. The transportation of the body consists in the return of the deceased to his homeland in accordance with applicable norms and legislation.

Transportation of the dead to Nizhnevartovsk

The transportation of corpses and remains is carried out only by a special machine. Transportation of the deceased is possible only with the consent of the relevant sanitary control authority.

Перевозка умерших из Нижневартовска в Минск

Many factors can affect the condition of the body: temperature, humidity. This can be dangerous for other passengers. For this reason, a number of requirements are put forward that must be observed during transportation. We will help to collect a package of documents and comply with all the formalities:

  • death certificate;
  • SES certificate;
  • confirmation of the embalming process;
  • permission to transport from the receiving party.

The body of the deceased should be placed in a zinc coffin. It is also necessary to organize the process of hermetic sealing of the container. At this point, a certificate of the absence of attachments is issued.

The cost of transporting the deceased from Minsk

The price for transporting a body from Nizhnevartovsk differs depending on the specific case and region of the country. For accurate information, please contact us.

Cargo 200 by plane from Nizhnevartovsk

Air transport. The fastest transportation of the deceased. For transportation, you will need a zinc coffin. In the compartment where the coffin is located, the temperature regime and a certain level of humidity are observed. This method is considered the most expensive.