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We transport the dead to Turkey from Belarus and vice versa.

перевозка умерших из турции в Беларусь

We provide cars adapted for transporting the deceased in compliance with international sanitary standards. The list of services includes:

reception of coffins and ballot boxes at the airport;
settlement of consular formalities related to attracting the body of a deceased person from abroad;
legal advice related to the transportation of corpses from abroad;
calculation of the cost of transportation of a deceased person;
complex funeral services;
sale of coffins and funeral accessories.

We will help you choose a coffin suitable for these purposes. We meet and send coffins and urns from airports. We draw up all the documents related to the transportation of corpses from abroad.

Transportation of the deceased from Turkey to Belarus and vice versa

Regardless of time and place, we prepare:

permits for the international transport of goods 200;
confirmation of the legality of the transportation of the urn with the ashes of the deceased;
death certificate.
How much does it cost to transport a deceased person from abroad?

The cost of transportation is affected mainly by the location of the body, and, consequently, the distance. Individual countries also have different administrative fees associated with the transportation of the deceased. Because of this, the cost of transporting 200 cargo can be estimated after negotiations with funeral agencies abroad.

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