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cargo 200 to belarus

Repatriation to Belarus

Sometimes it happens that a person dies far from home. Naturally, relatives want to spend the deceased on his last journey in his homeland. However, transporting the body is a complex procedure that cannot be handled alone. In a difficult moment, we will lend you our shoulder. The agents of the ritual bureau “Profritual” will undertake the complete organization of the farewell ritual. Funeral services offered: transportation of Cargo 200 from the place of death to the place of burial.

We understand that during the hours of grief you would not want to face the tedious process of processing documents and sending the Cargo 200. Therefore, pohoronim.by will collect all the necessary documents in the shortest possible time, including:

  • Death certificate;
  • Certificate of non-nesting;
  • SES help.

We will also prepare a special container for transportation for the transportation of Cargo 200 from the specified place to the destination. If there is a need to send the deceased outside Ukraine, the ritual agent will arrange the transportation of Cargo 200 at the customs. The company provides a funeral service (Cargo 200) by the following modes of transport:

  • By plane;
  • By train;
  • By car.

Transportation of the dead (Cargo 200) by plane

Requires the delivery of the zinc coffin to the cargo terminal no later than 4–6 hours before departure. It should be noted that charter flights cannot carry the body.

If transportation is possible exclusively by rail, then it is necessary to find out if the passenger train has a luggage wagon. Only in this case, it will be possible to transport Cargo 200. Among other modes of transportation, road transportation has its advantages: the body is delivered directly to the destination.

By contacting the Profritual funeral home, you can save your nerves from unnecessary stress. We will deliver the body of the deceased and carry out all the necessary procedures to prepare the farewell ritual. You will only have to lead him to another world.

How to order Cargo 200?

We advise you to call us (at any time of the day) and order an agent at home, this service is free. On the spot, our agent will be able to solve a logical issue and provide you with a specific timeline and action plan. If you are satisfied with the action plan, then you can order and arrange the service with our agent on the spot.

What happens after ordering?

Our agent controls every stage and takes responsibility for the transportation. For 8 years our funeral home has always invested in time during the transportation of Cargo 200. We notify you at each stage. If necessary, our agent accompanies Cargo 200 from the specified location to the destination.

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