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People abroad are constantly dying. When repatriating from Moldova to Belarus and vice versa, special documents must be prepared. To transfer a body abroad, a passport for a corpse is required in multilingual form, which is issued by a competent registry office upon application from relatives. The cost varies from 150 to 300 euros, depending on the chosen route.

To apply, you must:

  • Death certificates from a doctor;
  • Certificate confirming the proper placement of the funeral home;
  • Certificate from SES;
  • A certificate of embalming will be required;
  • A medical certificate is required to ensure that there are no health hazards from the body of the deceased.

Перевозка умерших из Молдовии в Беларусь

Certificates of this kind are issued by a hospital, medical examinations or medical institution. If signs of unnatural death are found, permission must be obtained from the prosecutor or the district judge. The same thing applies if the deceased is an unknown person.

How can people be transported from Moldova to Belarus?

We carry out the transportation of bodies to their home country or city in several ways:

by road
by plane
by rail.

Railway – a budget option for transport. But this method requires special conditions and additional permissions.

Aircraft is the most expensive option for carrying cargo 200. But its main advantage is the speed of transportation.

Motor transport guarantees delivery from point to point without intermediate overloads.

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