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We specialize in the transportation of 200 cargo from Belarus to all countries of the world, including to Uzbekistan. Thanks to our contacts with embassies and consulates, we are able to transport the dead according to all laws.

We successfully cooperate with companies around the world. We offer full support and settlement in the event of the death of a relative abroad.

What documents are needed to transport the deceased?

The following documents are required to transport corpses to Belarus or Turkmenistan:

Identity card of the deceased and a passport;
Data (name and phone number) of a relative, or data of an accompanying person;
SES certificate;
Confirmation of the embalming process.

In the absence of documents from the registry office, a preliminary death certificate is issued, with which you can easily transport the body to Belarus.

перевозка умерших из Узбекистана

What are the costs of transporting the deceased?

The full cost of shipping 200 to Belarus varies and depends on the following factors:

  • Place of death – fare;
  • The cost of airline services depends on the weight of the deceased;
  • Fees for forensic medical examinations, registry offices, cemeteries.

In order for us to send a more accurate calculation of the cost of transporting the deceased, please provide accurate information about the death.