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Death is part of life and is sometimes expected, and sometimes unexpected. Especially when the injured person is on vacation or on a business trip, death can happen very suddenly.

Transportation of the deceased from Turkmenistan to Belarus

The transportation of corpses, in addition, the remains is carried out only on a special machine. Transportation of the deceased is possible only with the consent of the relevant sanitary control authority.

Many factors can affect the condition of the body: temperature, humidity. This can be dangerous for other passengers. For this reason, a number of requirements are put forward that must be observed during transportation. We will help to collect a package of documents and comply with all the formalities:

death certificate;
SES certificate;
confirmation of the embalming process;
permission to transport from the receiving party.

перевозка умерших из Туркменистана

The body of the deceased should be placed in a zinc coffin. It is also necessary to organize the process of hermetic sealing of the container. At this point, a certificate of the absence of attachments is issued. We are ready to help with organizational matters and carry 200 cargo from / to:

  • Ashgabat
  • Balkanabat;
  • Dashoguz;
  • Kerky;
  • Mary
  • Turkmenabad;
  • Turkmenbashi.

We will help to avoid fraud on the part of employees of morgues, cemeteries and other organizations.