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Regardless of the desired method of burial, it is necessary to timely transport the body from the place of death to the place of burial. Often the deceased is delivered in a special carriage on a direct road to the appropriate funeral home.

If the coffin has not yet been selected for burial, then repatriation can easily be done in a simple coffin. The funeral home provides hygienic care for the dead and cooling.

Transportation of the deceased from Tajikistan to Belarus and vice versa

In the event of death during the holidays, the deceased may be buried in their homeland, the deceased may be transferred abroad. We deliver the body to:

  • Dushanbe,
  • Khujand
  • Kulyab,
  • Khorog
  • Kurgan-Tyube
  • Gissar
  • Murghab,
  • Nurek.

Перевозка умерших из Таджикистана в Беларусь

Rules for overseas shipments vary greatly by country. You need to know the nuances of obtaining an additional document, on the basis of which cargo 200 crosses the country’s borders. We will take care of the correct design:

  • death certificates
  • medical certificates that the cargo is safe,
  • certificate from law enforcement authorities confirming registration in accordance with applicable rules.

A medical certificate after death can be issued by a hospital, forensic medical examination or medical facility and make sure that the corpse is not dangerous to health.

In most cases, some documents are not required if only the ballot box is transported. Since in this case there is no danger to the health of citizens.