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Transportation of the deceased is the return of the body of the deceased to their homeland in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We will take care of all the formalities, freeing the relatives of the deceased person from their duties.

Transportation of the deceased to Belarus

International carriage of a corpse includes obtaining a death card abroad, as well as all other necessary official documents.

We will issue a permit to transport the body from abroad.
We will help in obtaining a certificate from the consul, thanks to which it is possible to transport corpses from abroad in order to bury the deceased.

Перевозка умерших из России в Беларусь

We will take care of all the formalities and permissions that should be dealt with for this, both in the country and abroad.

Sending and meeting cargo 200 in Belarus

An important stage is obtaining evidence from the consul that the body of a deceased person can be delivered to Belarus for burial.

Important! In a situation where a person dies under unclear circumstances or dies in an accident, the procedure can only begin at the moment when this body stops the investigation and releases the body for transportation.

Transportation can be carried out throughout Russia, in particular:

  • Moscow,
  • St. Petersburg,
  • Vladikavkaz,
  • Tver
  • Nizhny Novgorod.

When sending / meeting cargo 200, the following are taken into account:

  • opening hours of the morgue;
  • medical death certificates;
  • the possibility of issuing bodies to relatives or accompanying persons.

If possible, the nearest flight is selected for transportation.

Documents required for transportation

Death certificate
Coffin Seal Certificate
SES Help

The availability of other documents is negotiated in each individual case.