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We transport the body from Moscow to Minsk. We comply with all the rules for issuing various certificates and permits. We collect the entire package of documents required for transportation. We clearly observe the sanitary requirements and characteristics of vehicles when importing corpses from abroad.

перевозка гробов из Минска в Москву

The transportation of the remains should be carried out using machines that meet certain requirements:

  • labeling indicates its purpose,
  • the driver’s cabin in isolation from the part in which the coffin will be placed,
  • the coffin must be protected
  • the floor must be suitable for disinfection and easy cleaning,
  • in transport, there must be appropriate means of disinfection,
  • the inability to insert seats for passengers in the place where the coffin should be.

In addition, such a car must be registered as a specialized transport. In addition to the necessary documents for the deceased, there must also be appropriate permits for the car. We use when transporting the body from Minsk to Moscow: air, train, hearse.