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We send the deceased from Lviv to Belarus and vice versa. We inform about the stages of the work done.

International transportation of the dead from Lviv to Minsk

We provide comprehensive services for the transportation of the deceased:

  • removal of the deceased from the place of death and subsequent transfer to the destination;
  • storage of the deceased in proper conditions during documentation;
  • hygienic care for the deceased;
  • embalming;
  • we provide a coffin with a zinc insert that closes tightly;
  • we reserve flights if air transportation is chosen;
  • we help to issue an international death certificate by a competent registry office;
  • we hand over the funeral documents to the consulate.

Перевозка умерших из Львова в Минск

The list is not complete. If necessary, order additional services, we are ready to discuss the conditions and help. Fill out the order form and send the necessary documents and information by e-mail. Wait until we study the situation and provide a decision on further actions, we will contact you.