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Delivery of the dead from Latvia to Belarus.

We provide professional assistance in returning the deceased to his homeland. We recommend that you choose an inexpensive and simple transitional coffin, because not every coffin from abroad is suitable for burial or cremation in Latvia.

перевока умерших из Латвии в Беларусь

Thus, additional costs can be avoided. Depending on the distance and local laws, we will choose the method of transportation from Belarus to Latvia and vice versa.

What documents are required for repatriation?

We will inform you about the necessary documents that must be issued at the place of death for transportation.

Death certificate;
SES certificate;
Permit for transportation from the receiving party;
Certificate of embalming.

Depending on the law of the country on burial, there are quite large differences in relation to the documents issued. Even within the EU, the same documents are not always issued everywhere.

How long does repatriation take?

The timing of the return of the deceased to his homeland depends on several factors. Deadlines for issuing death documents, such as a corpse passport or death certificate. The procedure can last several days.

The design and organization of transportation can only begin after the permit is issued by departments and consulates.