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Transportation of the body of the deceased from Belarus to the Crimea.

Transportation of the body from the Crimea to Minsk is a professional activity of the company. We provide comprehensive services for citizens of Belarus and Russia living abroad. We serve the direction – Belarus-Crimea and the route in the opposite direction.

We draw up documents ourselves:

  • death certificate,
  • permission for the removal of the deceased,
  • permission to import the deceased,
  • SES certificate and others.

Please contact our company for help and be sure that the deceased will be greeted with empathy. We use all types of transportation: air transport, train, cars and water transport. We provide:

  • cataphal transport,
  • embalming the body,
  • coffin,
  • zinc box.

перевозка умерших из Крыма

Cargo 200 before a funeral or cremation is placed in the morgue or delivered to the place of burial. This point is discussed in advance before transportation.

The price of transporting a body from the Crimea to Minsk starts at 30,000 rubles. The cost varies depending on the distance to the destination and the final weight of the cargo 200