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An integral part of every funeral ceremony is the transportation of the dead. For this purpose, specialized cars are used that are intended only for these purposes.

Перевозка умерших из Казахстана

Cargo 200 from Kazakhstan to Belarus

Only those companies that have the appropriate permits for this type of activity can transport corpses.

We solve for relatives questions about issuing permits and certificates for the transportation of corpses and human remains. Only a close relative has the right to submit applications for the issuance of permits for the carriage of cargo 200. The statement must contain the following data:

name and surname
Date and place of birth,
the last place of residence of the deceased person.

In addition, it is necessary to remember the date and place of death, as well as the place where the corpses are stored and buried.

International shipping 200 to Minsk

International shipping of the deceased requires proper clearance. We are ready to help you.

If the cause of death is not indicated in the death certificate or other official document confirming the death, the SES certificate must be additionally attached to the application. It confirms the exclusion of infectious diseases as the cause of death.

It is also worth remembering that a means of transport intended for the transportation of the deceased must always meet certain requirements.

First of all, the machine should be marked, indicating its purpose. In addition, the driver’s cab must be isolated from the part allocated for the placement of corpses.

What does body transportation look like?

Transportation of the deceased consists of the following steps:

  • it is necessary to collect a package of documents;
  • buy a zinc coffin;
  • order a soldering;
  • order cataphal transport and plane tickets;
  • register cargo 200 at customs.

How to return the body of the deceased to Kazakhstan

There are several ways to return the body of the deceased to Kazakhstan. The budget option is a bus. Determines the possibility of transportation distance.

In certain cases, shipping 200 is possible by plane. This option is the most expensive, but at the same time fast.