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Delivery of coffins from Kaliningrad

We transport the body from Kaliningrad to Minsk by various means of transport. The most common and budget – ground.

Перевозка умерших из Калиниграда в Минск

The transportation service for the deceased must be provided by specialized transport companies, with professional vehicles and the necessary authority.

The undoubted advantage of road transport is accessibility. We have our own fleet of vehicles, loaders, which allows us to organize transportation almost instantly. You can choose any car to transport the body from Minsk to Kaliningrad. Its dimensions will depend on the type of coffin:

  • Standard – up to 52 sizes;
  • Deck – 54-56;
  • Specialist. deck – 58-60;
  • Domovina over 62.

The height and size of the clothes of the deceased can be clarified in the morgue, where the body is located.

Cargo 200 will be properly protected in the machine. The route is carefully analyzed, with accurate determination of distance, analysis of terrain and potential obstacles. Drivers have practical experience in transportation and will deliver 200 cargo in proper form.