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International transport of deceased from Cairo to Belarus and vice versa – the procedure is complicated and expensive. Costs are varied and depend on many factors that are not listed in the short list.

Transportation of the deceased from Cairo to Belarus and vice versa

We take care of the formalities of all the formalities associated with the transportation of the bodies and ashes of dead people. We guarantee correct operation, short deadlines, a minimum of formalities and a maximum of transparency. Our services:

  • permission from the authorities of Cairo and Belarus;
  • execution of foreign documents;
  • preparation of consular passes for cargo 200 or ashes;
  • translation of death certificates and other documents;
  • booking a place for air and road transport;
  • reception of coffins and ballot boxes at the airport.

Перевозка умерших из Каира в Минск

When transporting the deceased, the transport must be appropriately marked and indicate its purpose. In addition, there should be an isolated department, designed only to house the corpse.

Our cars are equipped with protection against sliding off the coffin or container. They have easy-to-clean floors made of appropriate material. The car does not have seats mounted in the place intended to accommodate the deceased.

The coffin is placed additionally in a metal or wooden box. After each transportation, the transport is disinfected in the part in which the coffin was placed. Transport meets international standards.