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None of the people know where his death will find. It is worth knowing that the family will not be left alone with this problem. We will take care of the correct paperwork for transporting the deceased from Germany to Belarus.

What documents are required for repatriation?

We will inform you about the necessary documents that must be issued at the place of death for transportation.

  • Death certificate;
  • SES certificate;
  • Permit for transportation from the receiving party;
  • Certificate of embalming.

Depending on the law of the country on burial, there are quite large differences in relation to the documents issued. Even within the EU, the same documents are not always issued everywhere.

What are the costs of transporting the deceased from Germany to Belarus and vice versa?

The full cost of shipping 200 to Belarus varies and depends on the following factors:

  • Place of death – fare;
  • The cost of airline services depends on the weight of the deceased;
  • Fees for forensic medical examinations, registry offices, cemeteries.

Перевозка умерших из Германии в Беларусь

In order for us to send a more accurate calculation of the cost of transporting the deceased, please provide accurate information about the death.


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