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International transport of the deceased requires knowledge of the rules and laws. We will advise you which type of transport will be the most profitable, and then we will help you draw up documents so that a person close to you can be quickly returned to their homeland.


Depending on the circumstances, a medical certificate or medical death certificate is issued after death.

With this document, you should go to the nearest registry office, which is usually located in the city center. The registry office must also take the identity document of the deceased, a birth certificate and the marriage certificate of the deceased. Better immediately in the international version to avoid the need for translation.

перевозка умерших из Эстонии в Беларусь

Based on these documents, the official will issue a local death certificate, in the international version and a transportation permit. We are ready to take responsibility and promptly prepare documents.

Types of transportation

Transportation from Estonia to Belarus and vice versa can be carried out:

  • by plane;
  • by train;
  • by car.

Types of transport differ in cost and speed. The most expensive and at the same time fast is air transportation. In this case, the coffin should be prepared accordingly. We will prompt and prepare everything for transportation.

How much does it cost to transport from Estonia to Belarus and vice versa?

The cost of delivery of 200 cargo differs depending on the specific case and country. We will provide reliable information and help organize the transportation of the deceased to Belarus.