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Transportation of the deceased from Cyprus to Belarus

We transport the dead to Cyprus from Belarus and vice versa. With qualified staff and modern hearse, we will deliver 200 cargo home as quickly as possible. For many years we have been working with reliable partners for the transportation of corpses and arrange transportation competently and safely.

The cost of repatriation of the deceased to their homeland

What will be the cost of transporting corpses depends on the choice of transportation method.

Air transport. The fastest transportation of the deceased. For transportation, you will need a zinc coffin. In the compartment where the coffin is located, the temperature regime and a certain level of humidity are observed. This method is considered the most expensive.
Railways. Carriage is accompanied by the same documents as air travel. The coffin is in a baggage car. The transportation price is set by the carrier.

In times of sorrow, it is very difficult for family members to follow all necessary measures. Therefore, it is always at your service. Eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and ensure safe repatriation.

Перевозка умерших из Кипра в Беларусь

Let’s start with comprehensive consultations, we will find the best option. Documents for the transportation of the deceased:

  1. international passport
  2. international death certificate
  3. medical certificate of the cause of death and confirmation of proper registration,
  4. certificate of the absence of infectious diseases during life.

We organize the transfer of the ballot box by car or plane. The transfer of the capsule to relatives is carried out using the passport of the ballot box, which gives them the right to transport it with them abroad. Relatives can transport the ballot box by car or in hand luggage on the plane. There is also the option of sending the ballot box abroad by mail.