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The transportation of the deceased is permitted only in specially equipped hearse. When a person dies, it is important for many relatives to bury him at home.

Cargo 200 Azerbaijan-Belarus, Belarus-Azerbaijan

The transportation of the deceased from Azerbaijan to Belarus and vice versa is important to arrange correctly. Ready to take responsibility and prepare a package of documents:

  • death certificate;
  • SES certificate;
  • permission for transportation from the receiving party;
  • evidence of embalming a corpse.

We will help you choose a coffin, type of transportation and additional services.

  • Galvanization of the coffin;
  • Care in the morgue for the body during the execution of accompanying and permitting documents;
  • organization of the process of embalming the deceased for transportation over long distances;
  • selection and preparation of transport for transportation of goods 200;
  • purchase of a galvanized container;
  • meeting cargo 200 at the airport, at the station;
  • disposal of a sealed container.

If necessary, our staff with knowledge of the language will accompany the relative during transportation. Transported deceased from:

    • Baku,
      Перевозка умерших из Азербайджана в Беларусь
    • Ganja
    • Sheki
    • Naftalan
    • Qabala
    • Shamakhi.

Thus, when repatriating corpses from abroad, various standards must be followed, which may vary from country to country. Therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from the funeral home on specific issues and problems.[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS] [st-tag-cloud]

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