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Foreign transportation of the deceased

The transportation of corpses from abroad and the repatriation of the deceased abroad is a complex process. It requires the execution of official documents. For the family of the deceased, formalities prove difficult at such a moment. We offer comprehensive service and proper design.

We organize the transportation of the dead by air and sea, by train, hearse. We draw up all the formalities both in the country and abroad. We prepare: acts of death, translation, resolution and others. We cooperate with representatives and companies from abroad. An application for the repatriation of bodies to their homeland can be submitted 24 hours a day. We approach each situation individually, we always try to help, we fulfill even non-standard requests. After accepting the order for the transportation of the corpse, a personal manager is appointed. An employee will contact you directly to inform you of the progress of the repatriation.

Repatriation to any country in the world

The process of transporting the deceased is prepared with due respect and caution. We help on behalf of the family to obtain the necessary permissions and documents, in such situations there is no room for omissions and errors. Our advantages:

  • Modern and reliable fleet.
  • If necessary, our employee comes to you and helps in obtaining the necessary documents and filling them out.
  • Transporting a body from abroad involves preparing a deceased person.
  • We transport the body in special coffins that comply with applicable sanitary rules.

We transport the remains and ashes, receive personal items of the deceased. Call and we will discuss the details during a telephone conversation. The most popular directions for the delivery of the bodies of the dead: Russia, Ukraine




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