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Cargo 200 from Montenegro to Belarus

We help organize transportation of the deceased from Montenegro to Belarus and vice versa. The transportation of the body consists in the return of the deceased to his homeland in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Corpses are brought into Polish by vehicles specially prepared for these events.

The service of transportation of goods by 200 aircraft includes:

Purchase and preparation of zinc coffin;
Sealing the protective box;
Preparation of a certificate of non-attachment;
Registration of permits for the export / import of the body of the deceased;
Booking a seat on the plane.

The service for the transportation of goods by 200 hearse includes:

Convenient route planning and maintenance;
Preparation of necessary documents;
Translation of supporting documentation into an international language;
Preparing a coffin or container;
Embalming.перевозки умерших из Черногория в Беларусь

We deliver cargo 200 by car or plane to destination.

We take care of formalities. Before the international transportation of the deceased, it is necessary to draw up documents:

  • Death certificate abroad;
  • Transportation permit;
  • Confirmation of the absence of infectious diseases during life.

In the country of destination it is also necessary to obtain a certificate, thanks to which it is possible to transport corpses from abroad in order to bury the deceased. After completing all the formalities, we transport the body.

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