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Cargo 200 from Czech Republic to Belarus

We arrange transportation of the deceased at fair and affordable prices around the world. Provide a report on all expenses incurred. We will help transport the deceased from the Czech Republic to Belarus and vice versa. We transport both the corpse of the deceased, and urns with ashes.

We deliver cargo 200 to:

  • Prague
  • Brno,
  • Ostrava
  • Pilsen
  • Olomouc.
  • Preparation and care for the deceased

As soon as the doctor prepares a death certificate, we can pick up the deceased. Then hygienic care and dressing are carried out. We place the deceased in a coffin with a zinc insert in accordance with international directives. When transporting, it is necessary to provide documents that we are ready to help draw up:

Death certificate;
Confirmation of the embalming process;
Permission to transport.

In order to ensure that there is no danger to health from the deceased, medical institutions issue an appropriate certificate. If death is not natural, then permission must be granted to the prosecutor or judge.

Перевозка умерших из Чехии в Беларусь

Ultimately, confirmation of entry into the country of destination and the legalization of all necessary documents are required. We will carry out all the necessary activities. In some cases, the embassy wishes the family of the deceased to personally appear at the consul.

We transport the coffin, as required by law. It should be hermetically soldered, screwed and wrapped in jute to prevent possible leakage of odors, biological toxic gases, bacteria and viruses in transit. When flying, temperature and humidity are regulated.

Each country has its own laws, according to which the deceased is transferred to his homeland. Sometimes they require the personal presence of relatives or an authorized funeral home with documents necessary for transportation.

Some foreign missions personally verify the identity of the deceased before closing the coffin. However, for most, it is enough to send the necessary documents by e-mail or fax. We will help arrange transportation of the deceased from Prague to Belarus and vice versa.

Cargo delivery 200 from Prague to Belarus

If the cause of death is unnatural or unknown (accident, homicide, suicide or cause of death is not clarified), the competent authority must give permission for transportation. Without it, transportation is impossible. Other documents are also required:

death certificate;
confirmation of the embalming process;
SES certificate;
permission to transport from the receiving side.
The transfer of the body or ashes of the deceased

Depending on the religious affiliation, religion and personal desires of the deceased and his family, it is possible to carry the coffin and the urn.

As a rule, the transfer of the ballot box is much cheaper, since the ballot box can be transported by family in hand luggage in an airplane or car. It can also be sent abroad by mail.

What determines the cost of transporting the deceased from Prague to Belarus?

The price of transportation depends on the body weight of the deceased and the volume of the coffin. Also of great importance in pricing is the mode of transport. Cargo 200 can be delivered by car, plane or train.

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