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Tourism continues to grow – costs are reduced, and travel arrangements become easier. More and more people linger abroad. Thus, the death of travelers abroad has also become more frequent.

Mourners for the dead require great organizational effort. In order to start repatriation, you need to know the laws of the respective country.

Cargo 200 Armenia-Belarus, Belarus-Armenia

As a rule, relatives learn about death through a tour operator, fellow travelers or local residents, rarely through a consulate. The first step to be taken is to inform the authorities of the respective country. We transport the deceased to:

  • Aragatsotn;
  • Ararat;
  • Armavir
  • Vayots Dzor;
  • Gegharkunik;
  • Kotayk;
  • Lori;
  • Syunik.

We help to choose funeral homes in the respective country. If necessary, confirm the authenticity of the documents.

The cost of transporting the deceased

Most people prefer to take the body back to their homeland, as they want to bury the deceased next to them. However, the return is very expensive. It is difficult to indicate the exact cost, since it depends on various factors:

  • country laws;
  • distance;
  • type of transportation;
  • airfare;
  • type of coffin.

The body is transported in a special coffin, it must be tightly soldered and made of zinc. In addition, it should be packed in a wooden box.

A cheaper alternative is to cremate the body abroad and transfer the urn by courier. In any case, the expenses should be borne by the relatives.


In order to ensure the legal purity of the transportation of the deceased from Armenia to Belarus, various documents are needed. Certificates must be deposited with the appropriate authorities of the country where the death occurred.

  • death certificate;
  • permission for transportation from the receiving party;
  • burial permit;
  • SES certificate.

Numerous formalities must be observed. In some cases, one copy of the documents is sufficient. We will prompt and issue certificates almost independently. You only need signatures.

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